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How to get prizes instantly and for free online

The internet is full of websites that will pay you prizes for free online. These sites do this because of your interaction with their advertisers, their sponsors. There are also a few sites that even reward you instantly with prizes. The prizes you can get instantly are gift card codes and cash, the cash is sent to payment processors like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and Payza the gift card codes are for places like amazon,Walmart,domino’s and many other retailers.

Choosing the right rewards site is very important, they do not all work the same way. Some sites are much more rewarding than others. I have spent years testing out these websites. They go by a few different names including GPT sites, PTC sites,survey sites and rewards sites. Some criteria you will want to consider is stuff like this.

  • How fast do they pay?
  • How many different ways to earn are there?
  • Are the rewards paid out fair compared to similar websites?
  • Do they have a prize that fits my needs?

After using hundreds of these sites since 2008 there are only a few I still use daily, these sites fit my criteria very well. I am going to list the sites I highly recommend to earn instant prizes online. – This site has everything you need. Lots of stuff to do like visiting websites and watching videos as well as surveys and other advertiser offers like trying mobile apps and stuff like that. You get paid instantly on this site with PayPal or gift cards like amazon and over 100 other choices starting at $1.00. – is a fun site with a very involved admin who is on the site in chat every day. This site has many regulars who have fun conversations. You will find many ways to earn here and many contests and other bonus stuff that makes earning fun. You can get paid instantly with amazon gift card codes or withdrawal to PayPal.

DollarClix.comPays instantly via PayPal and amazon, you can also request Bitcoin payments. The minimum for amazon is just $1.00 dollar. You can join this site from anywhere in the world. There are many ways to earn here with 22 offer walls PTC and videos from virool. This site also has many contests and other bonus fun stuff. – This site doesent pay instantly but it’s very good. World wide registration, earn from anywhere. You can get paid in a number of ways including Payoneer.